Frequently Asked Questions

Finder's FAQs

How do I post on this website?

A finder will should first create an account with E.R.S. prior to posting. Once one logs into their account, they click the "Post Here" Tab and the follow the instructions that follow thereafter.

How do I get paid after giving the seeker their personal documents?

Once you have given the seeker their personal documents, ensure that they forward the verification code that was sent to them once they had paid the facilitation fee. Log onto your account once again and use this verification code as your password to claim your payment.

How assured am I that I shall be paid for helping one recover lost items?

Our platform only allows seekers to contact finders after they have paid the facilitation fee that is required of them. This facilitation fee is held on the finder's behalf until the point in time when the seeker receives his/her lost personal documents.

How do I get paid?

After giving the seeker his/her personal documents, there is a verification code that he/she should give you. This verification code is what confirms to us that you indeed handed over the documents to their rightful owner. The website shall ask for this code so as to approve your and process your payment. E-Pate shall send you your money through any mobile money platform that works in Kenya.

As a finder, why should I post other people's lost personal documents?

1.At E-Pate, we believe in helping make life easier for one another. So today, help a brother/sister in recovering his/her personal documents and when you find yourself in a similar predicament, someone will be there to help.
2. You earn a finder's fee when the rightful owner recovers the documents you recovered. Cool, right?

Seeker's FAQs

What happens if I searched for my lost items and didn't find them?

In the event that your lost personal documents have not yet been recovered, we shall ask you to give us the particulars of whatever it is you have lost as well as your contact details.

If the lost items are posted, we shall contact you to notify you of the same. So, I have paid for services, now what?

After payment, you will receive the contact information of the person that is in possession of your lost personal documents. You should contact them and plan where to meet and get your personal documents. (WE ADVICE YOU MEET IN A PUBLIC PLACE AT A CONVINIENT TIME FOR YOUR OWN SECURITY). Once you receive your lost personal documents, there is a verification code that you shall give to the finder. This code is what proves to us at E-Pate that the exchange did indeed take place and thus the finder can claim his/her payment.

As a seeker, why should I use this service?
  • We make recovery of personal documents a fast and painless process.
  • No more having to go to obtain police abstracts!
  • No more long queues!
  • No more waiting for ages to be served!
  • Say goodbye to sloppy service!
  • Say Hello to the future of recovery of personal documents!

How it works

Who is a finder?

A finder is the person that has found the personal documents of another person.

Who is a seeker?

A seeker is the person that has lost their personal documents.

How does E-pate work?

Once a person finds the personal documents of another person, they post them on E-pate's online platform. The person posting the personal documents needs to create an account with us. This is to ensure that there are no spammers hacking into our website. Once posted. Our I.T. Team will go through the posting to verify and allow it onto our website. It is now up to the person that has lost the personal documents to come and find and claim their personal documents. Once a seeker identifies their personal documents on our website, they will be required to answer a mandatory security question that will ascertain that the personal document is actually theirs.
If one gets the security question right, they will be allowed to proceed to the next step which is paying a facilitation fee to our M-pesa Paybill Number 781813 or our Airtel Money Paybill Number 377377.(No customer Charges for those paying using M-Pesa). Upon payment, the seeker will be allowed to access the contact details of the person that has found the lost personal documents. The seeker of the lost personal documents is thereafter to contact the finder so as to make arrangements on how they will get their lost items back.
Once the finder has given the seeker the lost personal documents, the seeker will give the finder a verification code that acts as proof that the exchange took place. The website will ask for this code so as to start processing payment details. Once verified, the finder will receive the fee that is due to them.

OK, That was the too long, didn't read version, Here is a summary of the above...

STEP I: Finder posts lost personal documents.
STEP II: Seeker finds their documents and proves ownership.
STEP III: Seeker pays service charge to E-Pate Paybill to be allowed to get contacts of finder and seeker receives a verification code that will be used later.
STEP IV: Finder and seeker meet up and exchange takes place.
STEP V: Seeker forwards verification code to finder.
STEP VI : Finder uses this code as proof that they have given the seeker what's duly theirs. Payment of the finder's fee will follow.